How did I get here?

Let me tell you a little about CraftyWoods....woodworker

I bought a "Shopsmith" many years ago.  For those who don't know, that's an "all in one" wood working tool (circular saw, jig saw, lathe, drill press, band saw).  I took a few classes and "wow" I loved the turning of wood.  I was hooked!

Creating a beautiful treasure from a block of wood - it was amazing.  No two items are alike - they are each unique.  It depends on where the "wood takes you"...

Lots of learning and fun making wine bottle stoppers, Christmas ornaments, platters, vases, bowls -- lots and lots of bowls for everyone!  All my friends have been great at getting my experiments (my wife loves them).  Friends see a unique tree and they are thinking -- what can Richard make. 

Then I had a customer say they had a chunk of wood from the last "apple tree" their Grandpa had planted that they had to cut down.  I made a "bowl" from it as a thank you for the apples they gave us!  So that was my start!  

I enjoy making the "priceless" treasures from family wood.  It is a treasured piece of history.  It is a simple piece of wood that is turned in to a wonderful gift, and the story behind the masterpiece will be appreciated by future generations.

Of course, I do special order gifts from many different types of exotic woods and enjoy doing it.  But the history involved with certain wood makes it a special memento to cherish.

Richard Jones